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The company has a well-established in-house R&D lab at unit-1, situated at Odhav, Ahmedabad spread across 525 Sq. Mtrs.  area, having experienced employees carrying their R&D activities under the observation and guidance of Ph.D .scientists.

R&D center is accredited by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research Technology Bhavan (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi.

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R & D Technical

R&D Team actively focuses on:

  • Synthesis and process development.
  • Registration support for new molecules.
  • Identification, screening & evolution of new molecules.
  • Assessing synergies & compatibility among the molecules.
  • Developing pesticide formulation either solo or combination.
  • Protecting technologies developed at R&D through patenting the process developed. Improvement in existing product technology.
  • Backward integration of key product for improving process economics.
  • Over the years R&D center has developed capabilities like Friedel craft Alkylation, Oxidation, Reduction, Hydrogenation, Isomerization, Methylation, Halogenation, Nitration, Condensation, Etherification and Diazotization.

Process Capabilities:

Ability to develop new processes and formulations supported by the capability to register new molecules.

Analytical Capabilities:

R&D lab is equipped with a full range of advanced analytical instruments, which are capable of providing all required analytical support for process development needs.

Future Plan of Action:

R&D is a continuous activity instead of one time activity. Therefore your company is looking to adopt new and upgraded technologies in order to stay ahead of its competitors. Future R&D efforts will continue along similar lines, as at present, but with more focus, thrust and endeavors.

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R & D Formulation

The key activities in R&D Formulation involve:

  • Develop new formulations as per market demand either Solo or in combination and multiple way (three molecules in one formulation).
  • Focus on eco-friendly Formulation development such as solids and water based liquid of numerous varieties for example WDG (Wetteble Dispersible Granules), EG (Emulsifiable Granules), SG (Soluble Granule), ZC (Zeon Concentrate) , ZE (A mixer of Capsule suspension and Suspo-emulsion), CS (Capsule Suspension), ME (Micro Emulsion), OD (Oil Dispersion), SC (Suspension Concentrate), EW (Concentrated Emulsion), FS (Flowable suspension for seed treatment), SE (Suspo-emulsion), ULV (Ultra Low Volume Liquid) etc.
  • Patent new formulation for protecting technology.


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